Marseille 2015


  ..nor is the old port from which Edmond Dantes left in chains  bound to the If castle, bringing the dagger in his heart for having sad goodbye to his beloved Mercedes. Even the Foreign Legion barracks, next to it, where, if you are in trouble, you can pass beyond that gate, let them withdraw your passport and the disappear forever, escaping from those who want to hurt you, those who betrayed you in love , who wants to make you pay for a bad mistake, those fucking cops that you are now in hot pursuit.

  No, Marseille is also home to the annual Prog Sud, one of the most important European festivals of Progressive Rock, held exactly at Jas Rod - Les Pennes Mirabeau. We are booked for to the last night, sharing the stage with Steve Hogarth and Franck Carducci.
We travel by car from Asti + van early in the morning, that Saturday 16 May. At the exit of Imperia we pick up Luciano, already in Liguria from the previous day having been in Genoa at FIM, to be aware of the new musical reality, as he says, or only for a dip back in '65 and attend to the Beatles Day, as still a longhair in his heart, as we suppose…

  Max is already in Marseilles. We shall find him directly for the sound check later, the nose and cheeks red pepper due to the whole day spent on the beach watching “ le bianche scie di un’elica” withs his daughter Marta.

  The Jas Rod is a fantastic location, a theater designed to give the maximum to the ears of the listener. The staff of the service are highly trained. Piuma, our technician, looks at the small lights of the mixer with eyes of a little boy who, while opening it’s Christmas gifts, find a supermaxi Erector Set.

  All around there is warm, even her majesty Eliane, the icy "dea ex machina" of the whole organization, there appears to be a fiendly girl, of those who do things because they strongly believe in, with passion, as the suffragettes who were parading in '70 with megaphones chanting slogans to demand rights that were only prerogative of male.We give a big hug to Bruno Kassan, who in this case is  our Brian Epstein, he’ has the credit for bringing us for the first time to perform in what our ancestors called Gaul, then the great Marina, our co-sponsors, such ubiquitous to suspect the existence of twins Montobbio, sharing fraternally, each Prog event.

  While we download our instruments "his majesty" Steve is producing “cazzeggianti” trills while fiddles a bit 'on his PC, a bit' on his keyboard. The trip has been tiring and the background very inspiring for "un istante di quiete" in order to relax, protected by the semi-darkness, seated on the sits of the auditorium.
We play as opener. The role that most of the musicians dislike, preferring the headline position, although often a lot of delays bring you to play at the hour of yawnings. Not for us. We have double keyboards, are complex because of the monitors setting, playing for the first means doing the soundcheck for last, so go on stage just as you have left it, just like in theaters where it's just us on the bill. 

  Plus:, after the concert, we can let the adrenaline go down quietly munching the treats that the staff of Prog Sud has prepared for artists under the roof in the back of the theater.
We start as usual very excited. The acoustics and the people do the rest. The sounds enter into both our  stomach and heart. The result is one of the finest performances of Locanda delle Fate since the reunion in 2010.

A volte un istante di quiete, Forse le lucciole non si amano pił, Profumo di colla bianca, Sogno di Estunno, Crescendo, La giostra, Vendesi saggezza… every song runs smoothly in a crescendo of emotions. The encore is La Fine, which, as a good end, it ends with a standing ovation. France, though not Paris, you well worth a Mass. Adieu, adieu adieu ... well, why not… au revoir!

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