Welcome to the South 2017



"... on these hills where the fireflies get caught on women's hair among the maize at the moonlight" (Felice Mastroianni).

The picture proposed by the calabrian author well suits with the memory of that square illuminated by the august moon, in that Martirano Lombardo killed by an earthquake and then reborn, perched so high to look at the top of the world, surrounded - again according to the author mentioned above - by woods populated by fairies.

We had a reunion in that corner of the world timely, some exhausted by a long journey through the peninsula, other jointed by plane, according to an alchemy that sometimes it is hard to believe in. We have crossed the world, in this millennium of revenge, but we missed the south of Italy. Locanda had never played beyond Rome. It could not end like this, this 2017 when, as a group, we will definitely live the stage.

It all began some months ago when our friend Antonio Vescio invited us to RockOn 2017.The organization has been perfect: we were greeted and pampered as in a home when they welcomed friends or family members arrived from far away. That warm audience - mostly young people - we'll never forget. Maybe it's a matter of latitude, who knows, only in Mexico we felt something like that. A great heart, which we felt obliged to return in the same way by playing a gig worthy of the best Locanda.

There were eighty-five minutes of adrenaline that thrive. We stop only because we have to leave the stage to Carl Verheyen and band, although the audience still ask for an encore.

The following day runs a presentation of the book "Prati di lucciole per sempre" in the magical atmosphere of Corazzo Carlopoli Abbey - a Benedictine complex dating from the eleventh century - thanks to the RockOn Martirano, Suoni del Sud Lamezia, the Progetto Gedeone.Francesco Sacco ("Frank Bag", as we like to jokingly call him) is well prepared, his questions are precise, targeted.

In the front yard there is a sign: "It is forbidden to tread dreams". We agree: strictly forbidden. We would not have come here if we had done it...

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